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What is KnowFirst™?

KnowFirst™ is the newest and best AI-powered real-time search engines specially for the Australian market. Suitable for business tracking, timeline information, daily alerts and competitor intelligence, the software was designed to provide users everything they need to know about any Australian company in one location. The AI driven software also provides users with suggested companies to expand lead generation and improve pitch intelligence

What is Lusha?

Lusha helps business professionals establish a fast and true connection with their leads, contacts, and candidates. Lusha focuses on delivering a prospect database which includes business-to-business data on a wide range of prospects, data points and data coverage. Typically the kind of B2B data you’ll find in these databases includes a prospect’s business number, direct dial and work email. An accurate prospect database, like Lusha’s lead prospecting software helps you find the right prospects to connect and close with.

KnowFirst™ vs Lusha Features

In order to maximize the benefits of your company’s data analysis and quality tools, it’s important to seek out product features that align with your company’s goals. To simplify the process of comparing KnowFirst™ and Seamless features, we have summarised them in the bullet points below.

KnowFirst™ Features

  • Competitor Intelligence: Use the detailed search to access key company and competitor intelligence on businesses across Australia.
  • Company Tracking: Keep track of your competitors activity so you can move first and make the best decisions to stay ahead of the competition. 
  • Timeline of Events: Supercharge your pitch intelligence with up to two years of events displayed in an easy to use timeline.    
  • Alerts: Receive instant alerts in the platform and daily alert emails with key company information to action in real time. 

Lusha Features

  • Data Verification: Get fully compliant data on the most relevant decision makers with Lusha’s 7 Trust-Filters™, our seven step data verification system.
  • Contact Search: Find the right prospects through people or company search.
  • Lists: Convert your searches into clean contact lists, and export your lists to your CRM or CSV. 
  • Dashboard: Get immediate visibility into your team’s prospecting activity.

KnowFirst™ vs Lusha Data

Below, we’ll go into detail regarding the accuracy and reliability of the databases from KnowFirst™ and Seamless.

KnowFirst™ Data

KnowFirst™ providers users with millions of data touchpoints, including both company and contact information. Contact data is limited to online profiles. The accuracy of the data sits well above 90% and comes from first party, publicly available information, machine learning models for additional insights as well as strategic partnerships.

Lusha Data

Lusha has millions of contacts in its database – a number that’s growing every day. Their contact database is global, highly accurate, and ranges from B2B enterprise to one-man-shows. Lusha acquires its data from a variety of sources, including public databases, government data sources, social media feeds, Lusha’s data algorithm and the Lusha Community. While industry standards are roughly between 60-70%, Lusha provides a striking 81% data accuracy rate, to ensure highly accurate outreach. 

KnowFirst™ vs Lusha Usability

User experience goes beyond a software’s features – how you feel when using it, and how smooth everything is. Let’s see how these two contenders compare in this regard.

KnowFirst™ Usability

The AI driven data available on KnowFirst™ is stored locally, ensuring user experience do not experience lengthy load time or time out issues. Overall, the tool provides users with the ability to access marketing, business, employee, reviews and many more data points in one location. New features are constantly being activated based on user feedback. 

Lusha Usability

The Lusha platform enables users to quickly get accurate, verified contact data to connect with decision makers at companies and organisations. This is especially helpful for sales and marketing professionals who need to target the right contacts and build relationships with them. Their company data lacks depth, with no real insight into the company and their actions. Their main focus is to only provide you with contact data for prospecting. 

KnowFirst™ vs Lusha Plans and Pricing

Since you want to get the best for your money, selecting the appropriate pricing plan for your needs is pays. We’ve summed up what you need to know below.

KnowFirst™ Plans and Pricing

KnowFirst™ offers subscribers a two week trial of their premium package, with multiple monthly and annual subscription plans available. Single users can start accessing the platform for $39 per month, with no limitations on the data being accessed. Enterprise subscriptions can be tailored to the users needs.

Lusha Plans and Pricing

Lusha offers a free account with limited credits, allowing users to access the platform and test out the efficiency. Their pricing structure then starts from $29 per month with limited credits, and you can add additional users to this plan to interact as a team. To access analytics and use the system to the best of its ability, users would need to access the Premium or their Scale subscriptions. 

Subscription pricing for KnowFirst

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