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COMPREHENSIVE competitor intelligence DATA

Australian business data at your fingertips

In the ever-evolving business landscape, every decision your company makes should be data-driven using comprehensive business intelligence.

However, with the aid of business intelligence data, you can mitigate these risks and pave the way for informed and confident decision-making. By transforming complex, unorganised, and perplexing data into clear and actionable insights, business intelligence accelerates your decision-making processes. This empowers your organisation to make educated choices supported by reliable data. 

In a data-driven climate, embracing comprehensive business intelligence equips you with the necessary tools to navigate challenges and propel your business forward with unwavering confidence.

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Extract actionable insights about Australian companies

The more you know about your prospects, the more you can tailor your pitch and close more deals. Unlock your teams potential by giving them the data, insights and knowledge they need to succeed.

Focus on What Matters​

Reduce noise and inaccurate data using AI-powered content discovery. Gain visibility into what’s next for your industry, helping equip your team to compete and inform decisions with greater insights.

Drive Growth at Scale

Competitor intelligence is what separates good businesses from the best ones. Turn your competitor intelligence into actionable insights and drive the growth within your business.

Market Intelligence

Find new and relevant competitors, customers and prospects through our Suggested Companies and start expanding your network today.

Transform Knowledge into Insights

Keeping track of your competitors, prospects and market leaders is essential for business growth. Your news feeds and daily email updates give you all the information you need when you need it to.
Using KnowFirst™ 

How does it work?

The KnowFirst™ API and Platform is built for developers, by developers. Make data-driven decisions to gain a competitive edge.

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The benefits of accessing competitor intelligence data

From unlocking valuable insights hidden within vast amounts of data to enabling data-driven decision-making, competitor intelligence empowers organisations to make informed choices and drive strategic growth. By leveraging advanced analytics, visualisation tools, and predictive modelling, businesses can identify emerging trends, optimise processes, mitigate risks, and ultimately, achieve their goals with confidence.

Competitor Intelligence gives you a deeper insight into your clients and prospects. By understanding their motives and strategies, you can use this information to create products and services to meet their expectations and needs, and as a result, improve your organisation’s bottom-line.

Identifying trends and new opportunities using supportive data can give your business a competitive edge and directly impact long-term profitability. By leveraging external market data with internal data, competitor intelligence can help you detect new sales trends, as well as spotting business problems.

Data sourced by teams is prone to human error and is at risk of being outdated before it’s even submitted for review. Competitor intelligence systems provide access to enriched data in real-time through various means including API integrations and visual dashboards. Large amounts can then be assimilated, interpreted, and distributed quickly and accurately.

Competitor intelligence can help you gain insight into what your clients, prospects and competitors are doing, allowing your organisation to make educated decisions and plan for future endeavours.

Increased revenue is an important goal for any company. Business intelligence tools help your business ask for effective questions, make comparisons across different industries and identify sales weaknesses. By listening to your clients, watching your competitors, and improving your operations, your revenues are very likely to increase.

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Solutions for any industry

Customers trust KnowFirst™, with various industries using our solutions to power their products and services.

Data Enrichment

Improve your business intelligence, maintain your database, analyse company changes, and expand your understanding thanks to convenient URL matching.

HR & Recruitment

Your one source for up-to-date candidate data. Flag churn risk, score company health, and learn about talent at the aggregate level.

Sales & Marketing

Build data-driven sales funnels. We are powering  businesses across Australia to drive more sales using our database of B2B and B2C leads.

business data sourcing is easier than ever

Business data at your fingertips

With unique business data, you can extract useful insights about companies, generating endless business opportunities and discovering industry trends.

Businesses can benefit from the KnowFirst™ Business API, which provides Australian firmographic information sourced from the one of the largest network of of data points.

With business data API’s, you can allow for filtering of multiple data points such as industry, headcount, location, and more. After making a request based on your selected filters, users can retrieve relevant records, and by grouping identifiers together you are also able to filter your data into a a more targeted list.

By inputting a company name, domain or alternate identifier into the API, you can gain insights into its structures and key information points.

Data sourcing is easier than ever with KnowFirst™’s Australian Business API.

Developers and users can integrate the KnowFirst™ Business data API into their applications to gain access to valuable, up-to-date Australian company information. With unique data points such as company name, industry, headcount, and geographical location, developers can extract useful insights about companies, generating endless business opportunities and discovering industry trends.

The KnowFirst™ Business data API features more than 3 million company profiles, and more than 238 million records, allowing your company to stay ahead of the competition and unlock market insights. By leveraging this data, users can make informed investment decisions, improve lead generation, and enrich their current data.

By integrating our powerful API into your applications, you can provide your users with valuable insights and gain a competitive edge in the market.

Overall, our Company data API allows you to extract useful insights about companies and provides you with a solution which is increasingly becoming more and more popular among businesses due to its impactful nature.

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