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Whether it be people, marketing or company records, our data sets span more than 15 different categories, offering API users millions of data points.

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The KnowFirst™ API and Platform is built for developers, by developers. Make data-driven decisions to gain a competitive edge.

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Use our integrations to easily integrate our data into your workflows without writing a single line of code.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our data comes from a number of different sources, including:

  • Publicly available information, giving you access to the best data the market can offer.
  • Machine learning models, where we monitor the digital infrastructure of companies using proprietary models.
  • Strategic partnerships with premium-grade providers, allowing us to provide users with highly accurate supporting data. 

The data provided by KnowFirst™ is being used by HR platforms, investors, marketing teams, accounting platforms and a wide range of companies that want to enrich their data for various purposes, including lead generation, growth marketing and market research. 

There are many use cases for using our data, including:

  • Tracking the growth of a company for better investment intelligence
  • Approaching your target audience with more effective company intelligence
  •  Equipping your sales team with more accurate data
  • Finding market segments for expansion and infiltration
  • Gaining valuable insights into your competitors, prospects and clients

When analysing our datasets, your approach will vary depending on your objectives. Investors may utilise our data to establish company segments based on criteria such as size, location, and founding date, uncovering potential investment prospects. Different experts may also use the data categories to pinpoint their competitor movements, based on the different parameters they want to analyse, such as social media growth, employee sentiment or customer reviews. 

Data segmentation involves dividing a large set of companies into smaller segments based on particular criteria. For example, you may group companies of a particular size range into one segment and those operating within the same region into another.

Alternatively, several parameters may be selected to group companies that meet those criteria into a smaller segment. By analysing these segments, businesses can gain valuable insights into their unique characteristics, needs, and behaviour patterns. This information can be used to tailor marketing strategies and sales efforts, allocate resources effectively, and ultimately drive revenue growth.

Data security is a top priority for everyone at KnowFirst™. Our data has multi-layered protection, ensuring we avoid breaches and leaks for all sensitive information. 

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