Getting Started

Learn to smash your sales targets and grow your revenue

This guide will walk you through the process to Searching by Keyword using Knowfirst.

Go to

1. Click "Keyword"

Start by selecting keyword at the top of the search filters

Click 'Keyword'

2. Enter a service based keywords

Then enter a service based keyword such as software or accounting

Enter a service based keywords

3. Click "Search"

Click search

Click 'Search'

4. Select State

Further refine your results by clicking state

Select State

5. Select a state "New South Wales"

Choose and Australian State such as New South Wales

Select a state 'New South Wales'

6. Click "Search"

Now click search

Click 'Search'

7. Filter further by Postcode

Further, refine your results by clicking postcode

Filter further by Postcode

8. Enter a postcode

Enter any Australian postcode

Enter a postcode

9. Click "Search"

Click on the "Search" button

Click 'Search'

10. Click search radius

Refine even further by adding a search radius.

Click search radius

11. Enter a radius

Then enter a radius

Enter a radius

12. Click "Search Radius"

Navigate to the "Search Radius" section

Click 'Search Radius'

13. Click "Search"

Finally click to view your targeted prospect list

Click 'Search'

This guide covered the steps to Searching by Keyword in Knowfirst.