Enhance your CRM with rich Australian account insights to boost sales

Most professionals know that having a comprehensive understanding of your target audience is crucial to closing deals. While it is often ‘easy’ to find the data, it is often time consuming, with your CRM users all spending time looking for the same information. With the right data and analytics tool, your team can enrich your data, make informed decisions and tailor your approach to each individual account, all within your current CRM application. 

But how specifically does Competitor AI support my sales and marketing teams?

There are 3 ways that you can turn insights into action. 

Deliver real-time insights of your target accounts

Using artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to analyse millions of intent signals from across the web, your CRM can deliver real-time insights into the behaviour and interests of your target accounts. With this information, your teams can create highly personalised sales and marketing campaigns that resonate with your audience, leading to increased engagement and conversions.

Identify high value accounts

Additionally, integrated predictive modelling capabilities within your CRM allow users to identify high-value accounts that are most likely to convert, allowing them to focus their efforts on those with the greatest potential ROI. By enhancing and integrating core Australian company data within your CRM, your users will then be able to track the engagement and buying signals of your target accounts, giving you the ability to prioritise and nurture leads based on their level of interest.

Streamline your sales

By integrating your CRM with data enhancement platforms, your users will be able to streamline their sales and marketing processes. By bringing all the enriched and validated data into one place, you can gain a complete view of your accounts and track their engagement across multiple channels.

Sell smarter, not harder

Your sales, account management and marketing teams can only be so productive, and they all have a growing to-do list and finite hours in which to complete it. Although there is no magic solution to getting 100 more outreaches in a day, you can make your outreaches higher quality. And having enriched and integrated data will see an uptick in ROI without cloning yourself or losing sleep. The key is augmenting your sales and marketing teams with data science. It isn’t rocket science, just a good business decision.

Most companies have an approach which is unique to you, and having access to the right data will ensure every customer and every conversation is approached with a fresh perspective. Teams have seen that it is increasingly difficult to get individuals to respond to your outreach, and it can take between 17-22 touchpoints to move your prospects through the sales funnel. It takes a data-driven strategy and the right platforms to build effective prospecting funnels and see results in real time.

At KnowFirst™, our API solution provides users with the rich Australian company insights you need to take your CRM to the next level. By leveraging our AI technology, you can enhance your sales and marketing efforts and boost your bottom line.

If you’re looking to make your CRM smarter and more effective, consider leveraging the power of rich Australian company insights with the KnowFirst™ API. Our API can help you identify new opportunities, engage your target audience, and close more deals.