Decreasing research time to increase ROI

We had been facing challenges with staying competitive in the recruitment market and keeping up with the constant changes in the job market. Our recruiters were also struggling to gather and analyse the large amounts of data being fed to them from different sources, which was hindering their ability to make informed decisions and find the right candidates.



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After implementing KnowFirst™  across our Recruitment and Business Development teams, we were able to quickly and easily gather and analyse vast amounts of data, including information on candidates, market trends, and client behaviours. This allowed the team to gain valuable insights and make data-driven decisions, which ultimately led to increased efficiency and improved performance.

One of the biggest benefits was the automation of data collection and analysis based on the companies they were tracking, which ultimately freed up their time to focus on other important tasks, such as sourcing, screening and onboarding new candidates and clients.

"KnowFirst™ helps me when I am researching our competitors and putting together strategic plans. It saves me so much time only having to visit one website. "

Furthermore, KnowFirst™ helped us to identify and capitalise on new business opportunities, resulting in increased revenue and growth. An example of this is when one of our Business Development Managers received an alert to notify them that one of our clients had been awarded a new contract with a Government organisation. Knowing they would not have the resources to deliver this contract, our BDM jumped on a call that day and we were able to submit our best candidates within 24 hours. 

In short, KnowFirst™ has helped our business stay competitive, as well as helping us continue to drive our team forward by providing them with the insights they needed to make informed decisions and find the right candidates for their clients.

We use KnowFirst™ to:

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