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KnowFirst™ helps you enrich your business intelligence data, allowing your business to get a deep understanding of any company in seconds.

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Our data sets span more than 15 different categories, offering users millions of data points.

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Customers trust KnowFirst™, with various industries using our solutions to power their products and services.

Data Enrichment

Improve your business intelligence, analyse company changes, and expand your understanding thanks to convenient URL matching.

HR & Recruitment

Your one source for up-to-date candidate data. Flag churn risk, score company health, and learn about talent at the aggregate level.

Sales & Marketing

Build data-driven sales funnels. We are powering  businesses across Australia to drive more sales using our database of B2B and B2C leads.

Search, analyse, act.

KnowFirst™ provides the information too quickly and decisively make the important decisions that make a difference to your business.​